A jigsaw is a “must have” power tool for most woodworkers and with the number of jigsaws on the market today it can be a daunting task choosing the one to suit your needs. Decades ago I was faced with the same decision and back then I chose a Bosch jigsaw and never regretted buying it. Fast forward to today and I was faced with the same decision and once again, I chose Bosch.

8 Recently I wrote a detailed tool review regarding the Bosch JS470EB barrel grip jigsaw. I had high expectations for this jigsaw when I opened the box and the Bosch JS470EB delivered on everything I had hoped for and more.

20If you’re looking to add a jigsaw to your tool inventory, you owe it to yourself to read this review and see why I chose the feature packed Bosch JS470EB jigsaw.


The full tool review can be found here.