If you’ve ever considered adding a narrow crown staple gun to your pneumatic tool inventory, you owe it to yourself to consider DeWalt’s versatile and feature packed DWFP 12232.




1In the past when it came to pneumatic fastening you’d hear woodworkers and do- it- yourself enthusiasts talk about 16 gauge, 18 gauge and even 23 gauge nail guns but very few of them talked about using a pneumatic staple gun for their pneumatic fastening needs but that’s been quickly changing and for good reason.

With the exceptional holding power that a staple can deliver over a conventional brad nail, woodworkers and do- it- yourself enthusiasts are embracing staple guns like the DeWalt DWFP 12232, 18 Gauge 1-1/2″ x 1/4″ Narrow Crown Stapler. Cabinet backs, drawer bottoms, carpet installation and a whole host of other applications are well suited for an 18 gauge narrow crown staple and it’s superior holding ability over a conventional brad nail.  Especially where a fastener can be hidden from view, this is my “go to” pneumatic fastening device.

DeWalt’s DWFP 12232 is ideally suited for numerous applications and has become indispensable in my workshop with its ability to drive 1/4″ crown staples from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ in length. Additionally, the maintenance free motor assures me of a long career with this stapler. Let me show you some of the features of the DeWalt DWFP 12232.



3The DWFP 12232 kit includes, the stapler, 500 1″ staples, an installed 1/4″ air hose  fitting, an extra “on board” protective nose tip, instructions and a carrying case, everything you need to get started.





215As I stated above, the DWFP 12232 drives 18 gauge 1/4″ crown staples and these type of staples are available  at any big box store. Speaking about staples,  this stapler drives staples from 1/2″ to  1 1/2″ in length. With the ability to drive 1 1/2″ long staples, new applications suddenly come to mind. This staple gun does not restrict the user to a shorter 1″ maximum length staple which is common in the marketplace today.  The DWFP 12232 will run on air pressure from 70 PSI to 120 PSI and a reminder of that is found on the stapler’s magazine cover.








The strong, lightweight magnesium body of the  DWFP 12232 reduces user fatigue and makes using this stapler all day, a pleasurable experience.

The integrated, textured, anti slip rubber grip  is not only comfortable, this grip ensures that my hand doesn’t lose it’s grip when it’s covered in sawdust. The plastic belt hook that can get  in the way on other staplers or nail guns is completely removable on the DWFP 12232. If you want to locate the  belt hook from the left side to the right side of the stapler, no problem, pop it off and pop it back onto the other side of the stapler, very convenient. DeWalt includes an extra protective nose tip for the stapler tucked away neatly on the right side of the stapler’s magazine cover.






916 The tool-free depth of drive adjustment with built in detents is located under the trigger,. It’s easy to use with it’s large adjustment wheel and has an embossed directional guide on the body of the stapler for adjusting the depth of staples. Driving staples flush with the surface of the material your working with or countersinking staples well below the surface is easily done with a turn of the drive adjustment wheel.

The  sequential firing trigger is ideally placed and my index finger naturally slides right onto it, I never have to reach for it.When driving staples for long periods, this becomes critical to reducing user fatigue and believe it or not, finger cramping.

The stapler’s bottom load magazine will hold 100 staples and loading the stapler is a straight forward. With the tool disconnected from it’s air supply,  depress the yellow magazine release located on the rear of the stapler and slide the magazine to open the chamber. Turn the stapler upward and drop in the fasteners into the chamber. Slide the magazine forward until it “clicks” and the magazine is secure. Reconnect the stapler to the air supply and you’re ready to go.










188The low staple window located at the front of the magazine assures that, with a quick glance, you’ll know if it’s time to reload. Another nice feature is the rear exhaust that’s neatly tucked away at the back of the tool above the air hose connector.




Since I’ve had the DeWalt DWFP 12232, I’ve driven literately thousands of staples of varying lengths and I can tell you that this staple gun has never jammed once, I wish I could say that for my other pneumatic tools.  This stapler has always been equal to the task at hand and I couldn’t be more pleased. Given it’s magnesium construction, maintenance free motor, it’s many features and the street price @ $100, this stapler is going to be a hit with woodworkers and do- it- yourself enthusiasts alike. It’s certainly a hit with me.

Visit the DeWalt website for more information on this and other tools.

Although still pictures are good, below is a short  video giving you a 360 degree look at the DeWalt DWFP 12232. The video also includes an example of how this staple gun easily drives 1 1/4″ long staples into pine, walnut, oak and maple.










Fastener Style 18 GA.
Crown Size 1/4″
Fastener Length Capacity 1/2″ to 1-1/2″”
Magazine Capacity 100Staples
Magazine Angle Straight
Magazine Loading Bottom Load
Operating Pressure 70 to 120psi
Speed Fasteners/Second @ 100psi
Depth Setting Tool-free Adjustable
Jam Clearing Tool-free Front Open
Padded Grips Textured anti-slip comfort grip
Exhaust Rear Exhaust
Air Consumption scfm
Firing Mode Sequential Fire
Air Inlet 1/4″
Trigger Lock-Off
Tool Height 9.8″
Tool Length 9.3″
Tool Weight 2.8lbs
Shipping Weight 6.8lbs


Warranty Information

This DEWALT® High Performance Industrial Tool comes with a warranty package that includes:

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year Service Contract (Excluding O-rings, bumpers, and driver blades)
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

More information on the general DEWALT warranty