The highlight of the show for me personally wasn’t something that I expected…………………..




Hi All,

I’m back from the show, rested and ready to resume the daily grind.

The Canadian Home Workshop Show teamed up with Cottage Life, Outdoor Canada, and Explore Magazine to present a massive 4 show venue…………….and it was massive.
There was so much to see and some many questions to ask, I only wish I had more time to spend there but I was busy all weekend in the Master’s Workshop area.

Speaking of which, I had a chance to meet with and speak to, hundreds of woodworkers from different disiplines and skill levels and everyone of them was pleased with the show and what it had to offer.

My wife Marianne managed to snap a few pictures…………………..when she wasn’t off checking out all the other shows.

The Venue:

The Project:

Hard at work building the project:

One of the many highlights was when Mag Ruffman and her husband Daniel dropped by to say hello.
Pictured below are Michael Kampen, Mag Ruffman, Gord Graff, Ryan Shervill and Daniel.

Taking a 5 minute break to speak with woodworking author, seminar speaker and
custom woodworker, Michael Kampen.

Speaking with one of many woodworkers about table saw blades.

The project build complete…………………and just in time too.

To say I’m looking forward to next year’s show is an understatement.


The Highlight of the Show:


There is one highlight of the show that sticks out in my mind above all the rest.

Richard Fitzgerald from Smithville On. is one of the forum members here and he surprised me with a very special gift. Richard, his wife and lovely daughter showed up at the show on Sunday for what I thought was going to be a wonderful chat but it “turned” out to be something a lot more.

Richard presented me with a beautiful pen that he had turned from Yellow Cedar from Vancouver Island. I was speechless to say the least………………something that doesn’t happen that often.

Richard, thank you so much for your kindness, your thoughtfulness and this beautiful pen…….I’m still speechless.
This truly was the highlight of this year’s show for me personally.

All the best