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Hello All,

I’ve been asked by many of you, what are my thoughts on the western Canada woodworking shows now that they have wrapped up for another year.

First of all, let me say that I’ve always viewed woodworking shows as a terrific resource for woodworkers and these show were no exception. Not only was I able to speak at length to manufacturer’s reps, knowledgeable sales staff and the movers and shakers in this industry but I was able to speak at great length to the show going public. With the exception of one or two woodworkers I spoke to, all who attended were please with what they came to see. From my perspective and the perspective of all I spoke with, the shows were a success.

I look to the future of woodworking in Canada with great optimism especially after talking to Cole Moore, President of Canadian Woodworker and the folks from CMT, Laguna Tools, General and so many others……………the face of woodworking here is Canada is changing and it’s going in the direction that will benefit us as woodworkers.

To the hundreds of woodworkers that attended my seminars at these shows, I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and sit in. And to those who I spoke to at these shows, thanks for offering up your opinions, thoughts, gratitude and encouragement.

Finally, to the staff of the shows that made all of this possible, a great big thank you.
From Cole Moore and Erin Thompson to Wayne, Claudio, Ken and the list goes on, many thanks for your dedication, passion and determination to advance woodworking here in Canada. Without your commitment to woodworking here in Canada, I would be concerned about its future…………………I’m not now.

Unfortunately my camera was having a few issues so I borrowed a few pictures from our good friend, Don Kondra…………thanks buddy.

All the best


Setting up for the seminar.


Gord Graff………………………Cole Moore ………………….Ryan Shervill

Gord Graff Cole Moore Ryan Shervill


Seminar Time

Seminar Time


Dinner with Ryan, Gord, Mag, Daniel & Michael 

dinner with mag