These clamps may be considered “light duty” but they are heavy on features and quality.





The Bessey UniKlamp:

The UniKlamp comes in three sizes to cover most, if not all light duty clamping applications; 6”, 12” & 18” models are all reasonably priced for this versatile light duty, parallel jaw clamp.

The unseen jaws of the UniKlamp are shrouded with a non marring high impact, fracture resistant plastic that is glue resistant, resulting in a durable and an easy to clean pair of jaws. These jaws measure 1-1/4″ wide by 4-3/8″ long with a 3 1/8” throat (clamping space above the bar). There is also a ½” clamping face either side of the bar providing the user with an extremely versatile clamp.



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The 3/16” X 3/4” beam with its serrated edges that carry the movable jaw provides a smooth and effortless adjustment along its length but does not flex under full clamping load. Speaking of clamping load, these clamps exert a full 330lbs of clamping force and that clamping force is consistent across the entire jaw surface of these clamps.  It’s somewhat deceiving considering that these clamps are light weight and easy to handle.

These clamps can also be used as a spreading tool. The movable jaw slides off the end of the beam, re-installed on the beam and it can now be used for various spreading applications.



The acme screw thread used on these clamps provides for a smooth, quick and effortless action when tightening.




These clamps are a pleasure to use and with their versatility I’ve yet to come across a light duty clamping application that these clamps can’t easily handle. With Bessey’s quality, attention to detail, robust construction and their ability to exert 330lbs of clamping pressure across the entire clamping surface, it didn’t take long for these clamps to become my “go to” light duty clamps.

Check out the Bessey website for more information regarding these clamps and the entire Bessey clamp line up. Use them once and I’m sure these clamps will become the “go to” light duty clamps in your shop.