Featherboards have earned their place in woodworking shops all over the world because of the benefits they bring to the table. But did you ever think that featherboards could be improved upon………………………..well they have been improved upon and Magswitch are the ones who have done it. In fact, follow this link to the woodworking page of the Magswitch website for more on how Magswitch can benefit you.


Featherboards have been in use in professional and hobbyist woodworking shops for many years but the majority of those featherboards had and still have several limitations. Featherboards that require the use of a miter slot have positioning limitations and some of the magnetic featherboards that are on the market today don’t always have the holding power that’s required for some operations. Magswitch answered those problems and more when they introduced their line of magnetic featherboards and accessories.


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Magswitch featherboards require no miter slot for mounting on woodworking machinery. They can be placed anywhere on a cast iron or steel table saw, band saw, shaper, sander etc., adding to the safety and accuracy of machinery work. Magswitch featherboards are very easy to use and that means that they are going to be used more often providing an added layer of safety and accuracy for the user. The unique thing about the Magswitch line of featherboards is that they can be turned “on” and “off”, sounds strange but let me explain.

Magswitch uses two powerful rare earth magnets encased in each of its magnetic clamps. With a 180 degree turn of the knob to the “on” position, the poles of the two magnets align within their housing and instantly bond magnetically to the steel or cast iron top they are sitting on. The Magswitch turns on and off easily and when they are turned off……………they are completely off.  Having two of these magnetic clamps per feather board provides tremendous holding power on steel or on a cast iron surface. 


The entire line of Magswitch products are made from durable ABS plastic, feature extra ribbing for strength and threaded brass inserts. With the versatility these products offer, their easy to use switch on and switch off magnets and the added safety and accuracy that they provide, they are certain to become a favorite in countless woodworking shops……………………..




The Magswitch Website:

 More and more these days, manufacturers are showcasing their products via a website and Magswitch is no different. What is different is that the Magswitch website is jammed with written information about their products coupled with detailed videos of their products and how to use them. They even have a free DVD that demonstrates all of the woodworking products that they produce.


Magswitch Universal Featherboard:

With its low profile 3/4” tall fingers, its ability to be used on either side of blade and 20mm magnets, this featherboard has earned it’s name as Universal. It can also be used on the jointer as a hold down or a hold in or on the in-feed or out-feed table.Its actual footprint size is 7” long by 4” wide.

Magswitch_7 Magswitch_bandsaw

Magswitch Pro Featherboard:

The Pro Featherboard is not only more robust than its smaller brother it also accepts the optional Magswitch Vertical Attachment with stackable Risers, making it a more versatile featherboard and hold down system for the table saw and other woodworking machinery. Held in place anywhere on a steel or cast iron top by its 30mm magnets, this Pro version is my favorite. This featherboard has 1” tall fingers, is 8” long by 7” wide with added ribbing underneath for added strength, stability and durability.






Magswitch Vertical Attachment with stackable Risers:

This kit, when added to the Pro Featherboard not only acts as a hold down for table saw operations, it easily configures into a stackable featherboard featuring one or two sets of removable risers included in the kit. Use one set of risers with the featherboard included in the kit and you have a 2 3/4” tall featherboard. Add the second set of risers included in the kit and you have a 3 3/4” tall featherboard.


Magswitch_4          Magswitch_17


Magswitch_16     Magswitch_22       


Magswitch Fence Featherboard:


This featherboard with its 1” tall fingers and its 2 3/4” X 9” footprint is perfectly suited for a hold down on the jointer or for use on the right hand side of the blade for table saw operations. It comes with powerful 30mm magnets that hold firmly in place during operation.


Magswitch_6    Magswitch_21





MagFence Universal Mounting Base:

This universal mounting base is the platform for two unique products, the Magswitch Dual Roller Fence and the Magswitch Resaw Fence. The base accommodates the two sizes of Mag-Jigs, 20mm and 30mm that are purchased separately or you can purchase the kit that contains the universal base, both fences and two 30mm Mag-Jigs. The base measures 4” wide by 8 1/2” long and will accommodate the 20mm or 30mm Mag-Jigs. The Mag-Jigs are attached to the base with supplied hardware and thread easily into brass inserts.


Magswitch_2    Magswitch_5


 MagFence Dual Roller Fence:

At 4” tall, this dual roller fence is ideal for numerous operations in any workshop. Whether it’s needed as a tall support fence on the table saw, a hold down on the jointer or a resaw fence on the bandsaw, this dual roller fence with its adjustable bearings is equal to the task. This fence is easy to adjust square to any machine surface with its adjustable tapered wedges and fine adjustment screws located on the base of this unit. 


Magswitch_23   Magswitch_14


Magswitch_Dual_Roller_Fence   Magswitch_Adjustment   


 MagFence Resaw Guide:

This resaw fence is unique in that it has a 7degree angle prior to the surface of the bearings and another 7 degree angle after the surface of the bearings allowing for blade drift while resawing on the bandsaw. It also has other shop uses including using it for a single point of contact while sanding on a spindle sander. This fence is easy to adjust square to any machine surface with its adjustable tapered wedges and fine adjustment screws located on the base of this unit.


Magswitch_Resaw_Fence   Magswitch_25




Magswitch Mag-Jigs:

Mag-Jigs can be purchased separately and are either 20mm or 30mm in size.  With a breakaway force of 90lbs and 155lbs respectively, these switch-able magnets offer incredible holding power to any magnetic surface and are ideally suited for shop made jigs. Mag-Jigs are ideal for many workshop applications, as a bandsaw fence, a table saw stop for repetitive cuts, as a dual fence for cove cutting on the table saw. You are only limited to own imagination when it comes to getting the most out of the 20mm or 30mm Mag-Jigs. Drill a 20mm or 30mm hole in a 3/4″ thick piece of plywood or other material and drive a couple of screws to hold them in place and you’re ready to go.


Magswitch_Mag-Jigs_    Magswitch_Mag-Jigs_Shop_Made_Jigs


Magswitch_Mag-Jigs_Table_Saw_Coving   Magswitch_Mag-Jigs_Drill_Press_Fence  


 Magswitch Mag Squares:

 Need more holding power than the Mag-Jigs, then the Mag Squares are the answer. Mag Squares come in three sizes, 30mm, 50mm, & 70mm, and have a breakaway force on 1/4″ flat steel of 150lbs, 550lbs, 1,000lbs respectively. These squares come pre-drilled and taped for metric bolts but this hardware is easy to find at any big bulk store.


Magswitch_10  Magswitch_Mag_Square_Bandsaw_Stop


Magswitch_MagSquare_Tablesaw_Guard   Magswitch_MagSquare_Close_Up


Magswitch_Mag_Jigs_and_MagSquare   Magswitch_MagSquare


The Bottom Line:

Magswitch has certainly made my time in my shop, safer, easier and more productive. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of these products and the more I use them, the more I find new ways to use them. I encourage you to visit the Magswitch website and their woodworking section for more information.