As woodworkers we know that using the miter slot of your table saw, band saw, shaper etc. for mounting shop made jigs and fixtures is a very accurate way of performing many woodworking functions. But mounting jigs and fixtures on wooden or plastic miter slot runners has its own set of problems, like being susceptible to humidity or changes in temperature.
 The Problem:
If you’re using a hardwood runner in the miter slot and the humidity in the shop goes up, the hardwood runner expands and tightens against the walls of the miter slot resulting in a hardwood runner that sticks in the miter slot or in some cases just doesn’t fit into the miter slot. On the other hand, if the humidity level goes down in the shop, the hardwood runner shrinks in width and now you’ve got a sloppy fitting miter slot runner. So what’s the solution?
The Solution:
A fully adjustable steel miter slot guide bar that isn’t susceptible to changes in humidity or temperature is the answer andIncra has just what you’re looking for in its newMiter Slider SE. The same miter slot bars that are used in Incra’s world famous miter gauges are now available for miter slot runners in shop built jig construction. The days of ill fitting miter slot runners has now come to an end.
The Miter Slider SE comes in two different lengths to cover a variety of requirements, 17-3/4″ and 25-3/8″.
Fully Adjustable = A Perfect Fit:
Although the majority of miter slots machined into woodworking machinery are suppose to be exactly 3/4” wide, that’s not always the case. And if the slot is only a few thousands of an inch narrower or wider or even less, the miter bar won’t fit properly resulting in inaccurate cutting. Incra knows that and answers that problem by using the same GlideLOCK™ technology in the new Miter Slider SE that’s found in their world famous miter gauge bars.
Incra uses low friction, long wearing nylon expandable discs to make it easy to adjust to a perfect fit in a wider range of miter slots. In the larger (25 3/8”) Miter Slider SE, there are three expandable discs and in the smaller (17 3/4″) there are two expandable discs.
The Miter Slider SE will fit square-sided miter slots approximately 3/4″ wide, 3/8″ deep, and with or without a 15/16″-wide T-slot at the bottom.  The GlideLOCK adjustment will accommodate slots measuring 0.740″ to 0.765″ in actual width. 
Incra has also added a removable T slot retaining clip on each end of the Miter Slider SE  that keep the bar fully engaged when used with equipment that has a T slot type miter slot.
Adjusting the Miter Slider to fit a miter slot is as easy as tightening the expandable disc with the hex key that comes with each Miter Slider. The instructions that come with each Miter Slider are more than mere instructions; they are a wealth of information for not only how to use and adjust your Miter Slider but are full of jig making ideas. The instructions also come with a number of machine screws to get you started building your own miter slot jigs. All of the threaded holes on the Miter Slider are standard thread sizes, 10/24 and 1/4″X20, so finding machine screws and standard 1/4″X20 jig hardware is easy.
The Bottom Line:
The Miter Slider SE from Incra was not only easy to dial into the miter slot on my table saw and band saw it is incredibly smooth in operation. I was able to remove all play between the miter slot and the Miter Slider SE with a simple adjustment to the expandable discs. My table saw jigs will now have “no” play what so ever between the miter slot and the miter bar…………….and that gives me the accuracy I’m looking for when it comes to table saw operations.
Bonus from Incra:
A manufacturer’s website is just a website, right? Not withIncra.
Incra’s website is loaded withfree plans, helpful hints on jig making and generally a wealth of information for woodworkers. Helping woodworkers achieve accuracy, safety and efficient use of shop time is what they are all about. Visit the Incra websiteand see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.