The highlight of my career has always been speaking at woodworking seminars, it’s about empowering others.



When I look back over the years as a woodworker, there have been many highlights for me but without a doubt the most enjoyable times are the times I’ve spent in front of other woodworkers as a seminar presenter.

There is something about being in a room with people who are as passionate as you are about woodworking that gets the adrenaline flowing. Yes, it’s a rush for me and I enjoy every moment of it.

To see the look in the eye of a woodworker when he/she completely understands what I’ve been speaking about and just how that piece of newly acquired knowledge will impact them as a woodworker from that moment on, is priceless. There is nothing greater than the feeling of empowering others to be able to go beyond what they thought was their limit.

Below is a short video clip that was shot at a recent Canadian Home Workshop Show, look closely and you’ll see I’m having the time of my life.