After 40 years of working wood Gord remains passionate about what he does…..








Gord Graff began his woodworking career over 40 years ago under the watchful eye and careful supervision of his late father and mentor, Victor Graff, who had been a professional woodworker/carpenter for 60 years. Gord describes the early years of his career under Victor’s guidance, as “trying”…………….”I was trying new and different ways of working wood but at the same time I was “trying” my father’s patience with my ideas and designs” says Gord.

As Gord puts it; Victor was old school and I was new school when it came to designs but we always respected each other’s work at the end of the day. “What more could I ask for from a father and a mentor, he is the reason I’m a woodworker today” says Gord.Gord

Although Gord was trained in the traditional disciplines and designs of woodworking, he couldn’t help but “do his own thing”. Contemporary and modern designs are what Gord  likes to produce and he’s found a market for his work which often includes glass, aluminum, exotic woods and stone incorporated into his work.

Another aspect to Gord’s persona is his passion for “spreading the word”as he calls it. He speaks at woodworking shows and seminars at various locations and participates in many “hands on” woodworking seminars throughout the year.

Gord has had numerous projects, articles and tool reviews published in several woodworking magazines including Canadian Home Workshop Magazine, Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine and Fine Woodworking Magazine. He has taught furniture design and construction at night school and has made several television appearances. As the Editor for internet based woodworking magazine, The Woodworker’s News and Reviews, Gord has a unique perspective on the woodworking industry.

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