Shaker Wall Clock 1


This project was a return to my woodworking roots. 



 Shaker Wall Clock 2


If you’ve read my  Meet Gord Graff  page, you’ve learned that the early years of my woodworking career were spent desinging and building traditional woodworking projects.
(Old School Stuff)

This Shaker wall clock is a return to my roots and those days when times were much different for me as a woodworker. It’s nice to venture back from time to time to those days as they were filled with fond memories of a young woodworker trying to make his way and find his place.

The entire clock was made from a single slab of 8/4 Maple that was 14″ wide and over 8′ long. Resawn from this slab and coated with 4 coats of oil base gloss poly, I am pleased with the outcome.
Although it looks pretty good in the photo, it looks ten times better in person, the entire clock is highly figured. The clock is 32″ tall, 12″ wide and 5″ deep.